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Spinning for saddled breams from rocky beaches and rocks (Zenaq DP 93)

In this Video i am showing you a very fun way to catch the very smart saddled breams with the spinning technique. Just cast long and stay out of their sight. The gear i used is: Rod: Zenaq Defi Plaisir 93 Reel: Daiwa Exist 3000HA Braid: Gosen W8 P.E. 0.8 Leader: Gosen Leader FC 0.25mm Lures: Duo Tide slim 120 ... Read More »

Spinning for BIG barracudas in greece by Markos Vidalis

In this video you can see spinning fishing with vibrating lures for european barracuda. This fishing is performed by Markos Vidalis, the main spinning, shore jigging and match fishing article wrighter of the most well known fishing magazine in greece “Psarema”. I hope you will enjoy this short andrenaline full video and don’t forget to vote. Read More »

spinning for silver scabbardfish in Greece

in this video you can see spinning fishing for silver scabbardfish in Greece. silver scabbard fish is a very predatory fish attacking any lure that runs the midwaters. In this fishing i used balzer alegra spinning rod 10 – 45 c.w. shimano twin power reel 2500fb and 0,23 mono line texelium powerline. The lures where vibrating type mosty rapala, and ... Read More »

Lake spinning for barbel C&R in Greece

here is some more freshwater spinning for barbel in greek lakes practising C&R (catch and release). Althought barbel is not a very predatory fish there are some cases that it can be caught with spinners. For rod i used a balzer magna im9 2,70 7 – 40c.w. and for reel i used a WFT alubraid 4000 filled with 0,23 trillene ... Read More »

spinning madness (100% cudas)

one difficult spinning night in 3.45 minutes… enjoy… Read More »

Spinning for bonitos from deep shore (palamides)

Lots of bonitos with uncut the fight time… enjoy… the rod was xzoga shitenno 10 – 60gr, reel was shimano twin power 4000 fc and the line was texcellium 0,23. Read More »

Spinning for barracudas, sea bass, bonitos and more…

Another spinning video through the colder months… Hope you will enjoy it… Read More »

Spinning with soft baits (silicon lures) for cudas & sea bass.

Silicon lures is the answer when the weather is too calm, or the fish are reluctant to attack… Check out in this video how we do it the silicon way in Greece… 😀 Be happy and fish well… Read More »

Winter sea bass spinning in shalow waters

This spinning fishing have some sea bass that i caught with my friend Pavlos near small freshwater springs. The maximum depth was 2 meters in all cases. For this fishing i used xzoga and fujitsu rods, Daiwa tournament 0,10mm braid, PVDF fluoro leader 0,25mm and shimano twin power 2500 fb reel. The lures where in order of appearance, Hoggy 17cm, ... Read More »

Spinning with varius lures from winter to summer (21 fish)

Here is a video which i made with random cathces that took place from winter to summer. the fish you can see are mostly cudas, and silver scabardfish, bonitos, sea bass, bluefish and trevaly that where caught with swimbaits, minnows, soft baits and stick baits. I wish to all of you good health and countless hours of spinning! 😉 Thanks ... Read More »

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