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Spearfishing Boavista Island (Cape Verde Archipelago)

Boavista island in the Cape Verde archipelago is known as the Island of Dunes and Beaches. The island is located in the windward group of the archipelago and with 620 km², it is the third largest island of the archipelago. The beautiful Boavista Island (Portuguese meaning “good view”) is a sea paradise located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in ... Read More »

The Island Of The Gods

The Island of the Gods by Marco Cerieiro   The trip to Bali was being postponed for three years, sometimes it was the lack of time and others the unavailability of  flights, well what remains is that for a few years all the plans foiled, and the trip was consequently postponed to my great disappointment. Two years ago, Patricia, my ... Read More »

Kampuh playground

The location is only good a couple times a year. Our target fish is scribbled snapper, the local called it kampuh fish. The water, weather, swell, tide , current were perfect for our playground to be filled with scribbled snapper. We started diving around 8 in the morning. The water visibility was perfect. I felt like a kid in a ... Read More »

Home made Lobster Lasso

Bad experience with Murray eel while catching lobsters encouraged me to look for a solution to this problem. Here is a way to avoid those nasty Murray eel and catch lobsters the safest way. It is a very easy and it only takes less than 30 minutes to assemble a practical wire lasso to overcome this problem.  Most of the components ... Read More »

Spearfishing Mexico

Spearfishing sayulita mexico. I didnt see the size and quality fish I had hoped for however I still had a lot of fun spearfishing!! Read More »

OUCH! Grouper Injures 2 Fisherman with Huge Hook Painful

Don’t watch this video if you are squeamish! Viewer Discretion advised. Jason LeValley from Min Kota/Humminbird and Captain Ben Chancey are both hooked through their hands by a Giant Goliath Grouper. Read More »

Spearfishing Charters – Customized To Individual Requirements”

If you want to go spearfishing along with your friends then you can arrange for a spearfishing charters. There are several of these kinds of businesses that look into the itinerary and the nitty-gritty of your spearfishing charters. These organised trips are private parties that are arranged for groups of people and they provide personalized attention. They are trips that ... Read More »

Spearfishing New Zealand – Balance Between Ecology And Safety Catches”

Spearfishing New Zealand started in about the 1950s. It is almost considered to be a cult out here. There are several clubs and competitions held regularly. Spearfishing in New Zealand is taken extremely seriously. If you are the sort who is interested in spear fishing then this is the place to get yourself to. Spear fishing in New Zealand takes ... Read More »

Hawaii Spearfishing – You Will See Native Fish And Much More”

Hawaii spearfishing is the best that you can get in the realms of spear fishing based on several factors. In Hawaii you will find conditions that are highly conducive to spear fishing. These are: Shallow reef waters Open and wide ocean areas that are not found anywhere else An abundance of fish in their natural habitat Unusual fish that might ... Read More »

Mexico spearfishing – Desire Of Each Spearfisherman All Over The World”

Mexico spearfishing has got all the things that a spear fisher novice or expert would look for. There is the crystal clear warm water, the calm sea which is not dangerous to swim in, the huge amounts of unbelievable marine life thriving underwater and the canyons all around you. No wonder spearo hunters experts from all over the world flock ... Read More »

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