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Australian Ladies Freediving Record BROKEN!

Australian freediver Christina Saenz has been training hard and her efforts paid off last week as she dived to a new Australian Women’s record depth of 60m! The avid freediver now holds Titles for the Free Immersion and Constant Weight disciplines.     Free immersion is where the diver pulls themselves down a guide rope using only their arms. For ... Read More »

Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic

Even though it’s been a week or so since this competition took place we wanted to share some info with you on this popular Australian Spearfishing event. Despite being limited to only one day of diving, the 2012 Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic proved to be as successful as ever. Battling a massive southerly front that was moving up from the ... Read More »

Species ID: Mangrove Jack

The Estuary 5 category of the Big 5 online spearfishing competition includes Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon OR Queenfish, Flathead, and Fingermark. You can find the entire species and competition rules list here. In this weeks ‘Species Identification’ blog, we will look at the beautiful eating, and mean-looking, Mangrove Jack. What do Mangrove Jack look like? Jacks as they are ... Read More »

Canada Cup Spearfishing Competition Results – Report by Josh Green

It has been a busy few weeks for Adreno’s Junior Sponsored Diver, Josh Green. He has had competitions for three weekends in a row and we’re happy for him with great results across the board, including coming 7th out of over 45 divers, despite being only 15 years old! Dived the Canada Cup a few weeks ago at Terrigal, Central ... Read More »

Adreno’s Newest Sponsored Junior Diver – Josh Green

15-year-old Josh Green has been showing real potential lately, placing well in numerous competitions on the South Coast, not only among the juniors but also the seniors. Coming from a family of three brothers and a spearfishing Dad, we’re excited to be supporting Josh with some new dive gear as he continues to grow in the sport. Keep an eye ... Read More »

What Gear to Pack for a Spearfishing Charter

People always ask me , Robbie how many spearguns and how much gear do you take on a spearfishing trip. I always say, as much as my gear bag can hold! I seem to over pack almost all of the time, too many spear shafts too many spearguns, too many floats. But when you are hunting large Pelagic fish like ... Read More »

South Coast Championships Results

Here is a report from convenor of the South Coast Championships held a couple of weeks ago. Adreno was a major sponsor, donating $2,500 worth of prizes and merchandise! Its was only a couple weekends ago that we saw the South Coast Spearfishing Championships underway. Held at Ulladulla by the South Coast Sea Snipers, the South Coast Championships seen 46 ... Read More »

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