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Shore angling by Zavras Chr. with heavy casting fishing technique and live cuttlefish for bait. Grouper 8,5kg caught at Antirio, Aitoloakarnanias, Greece with rod and reel in rough and extra rocky sea bottom. 13/4/2014 Read More »

California Broomtail Grouper

Spearfishing along Southern california I got to dive with extremely Broomtail grouper. These are protected here and only found in one place I know of with a very small population. If you know the place please do not mention it for the sake of protecting them from possible poachers!! Read More »

Spearfishing Baja Gulf Grouper

Geoff Buchanan, Paul Marsh and some mates traveled to the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea in hot pursuit of large pelagics and good times. Geoff and Paul both had their Gopro cameras rolling and manage to capture some awesome footage for us to enjoy. Geoff ends up taking a fish of a lifetime, a huge Sailfish, so stay ... Read More »

Shore Jigging for Dentex, Striped groupers & false albacores with Zenaq DM 96 M.P.G. & Stella 5000

I hope you will enjoy my new shore jigging video, that took place this summer! The places i fished where around 20-30 meters deep and rocky! The braid was P.E. 3.5, and the leader was fluorocarbon mono 0,42mm. The Rod Is Zenaq DP96 mid power game and the reel Shimano Stella SW 5000. The music is “I want my tears ... Read More »

Shore jigging in winter for Snappers, bonitos and groupers (Zenaq DM 96 Mid game Power&Stella 8000)

This winters was not cold enough here so we had the chanse to catch some nice snappers allong with the usual bonitos and stripped groupers. Have fun and SUBSCRIBE!!!! 😉 Gear details at the end of the video! Music: Bruton Music – Fallen Angel (“Dark, Cool & Cinematic 2” Album) Read More »

Kayak Jigging for groupers and Barracudas!

My first Kayak Jigging Video with my Hobie Outback! Hope you will enjoy it! Soon More will follow! Details about the gear at the end of the video! Be safe and be well all of you! Music: Track 1: Morgan Page – Fight For You (Culture Code Remix) Track 2: Chase and Status Ft. Delilah – Time (Blackmill Remix) No ... Read More »

Insane grouper caught while fishing out of Venice

A Houston angler fishing out of Venice returned home to the Lone Star State with enough fish to feed his neighborhood, and his name will also go down in Louisiana’s record books. According to KETK, Cullen Greer last weekend dropped a live bait next to an offshore platform 35 miles off the mouth of the river to lure a strike from ... Read More »

Large white groupers!

A trophy catch with unsurpassed and incomparable flavor. He has a tapered, wire-like body, dressed in the colors of sites he frequents. Beige and brown smoke. Sand and stone. In this kind of depth he usually digs his holes in their entirety or by expanding existing tunnels. For many years in the past the hunt for large whites was synonymous ... Read More »

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