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Spinning for barbel with DUO Bivi (Zenaq DP 83 & Daiwa Certate 25000H)

Here is a fishing day that i experiment with a different lure than spinnerbait. I used a small vibrating lure called Bivi from Tetra work collection of DUO lures and here are the resaults! Enjoy! Read More »

Spearfishing Striper- Colorado River

Spearfishing Striped Bass in the colorado river…. Read More »

Flipping: How to pick the right weights for flipping heavy mats

How do you pick the right size weight to flip in a heavy mat? Watch as FLW Pro Scott Martin shows you exactly how to properly select the right weight to help you catch more fish! Read More »

Utah State Record “Wiper” Caught at Newcastle Reservoir

Cedar City – Russell Nielson had never caught a wiper before. Imagine his surprise when the first wiper he reeled in was a new Utah state record. On May 21, Nielson traveled to Newcastle Reservoir. The reservoir is west of Cedar City. After he arrived at the water, he attached a piece of anchovy to a worm hook and cast ... Read More »

Freshwater striper record falls on Hudson

Albany — Like most anglers who tie into big fish, Eric Lester had the kinds of things happen that allow big fish to escape. But a funny thing happened when the Campbell Hall (Orange County) man battled a behemoth striped bass last month on the Hudson River. Despite his reel separating from his rod, and despite the line becoming entangled ... Read More »

Record mangrove snapper angler having trouble avoiding fish’s close cousin

Todd Black caught a state-record mangrove snapper on Memorial Day Weekend that is leading the summer-long STAR tournament, and no one can claim Black lucked into the fish. The 40-year-old Baton Rouge resident has been fishing offshore out of Cocodrie since he was a boy, and he seldom misses a weekend. But he’s seen the fishing for mangroves change dramatically in recent years, and ... Read More »

UK Angler Lands Potential Record Wolf Fish in Suriname

UK angler Richard Hart made sure to keep his fingers well away from the wolf fish’s mouth as he held it up for a picture. Richard Hart’s recent fishing expedition to Suriname and Guyana ended with the angler catching a 26-pound, one-ounce giant trahira, also known as a wolf fish. If certified by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Hart’s catch would ... Read More »

Rare Goblin Shark Caught and Released by Commercial Fisherman in Florida

Photo by Carl Moore; courtesy of NOAA “It was uglier than a mother-in-law,” is how commercial fisherman Carl Moore described the rare 18-foot goblin shark he pulled from the waters off Key West, Fla. Moore was fishing for royal red shrimp in 2,000 feet of water when he made the catch. He took photos of the strange looking creature, released it ... Read More »

Blue Catfish State Record

MILTON, W.Va. — An excursion to check out new gear turned into the fishing trip of a lifetime for Cabell County angler Austin Hoffman, who hooked a state-record blue catfish. The fish weighed 52.95 pounds and measured 47.75 inches, both state records. The 22-year-old from Milton was waffling about whether to take his boat to the Ohio River on April 26. ... Read More »

New Paddlefish Record in South Dakota

It is hard to believe that a fish that feeds primarily on zooplankton can grow so big. Bill Harmon holds up his new state record paddlefish. Earlier this week South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) confirmed that a 127-pound, nine-ounce paddlefish caught on May 7 is now the new state record. Bill Harmon broke a 35-year-old record when he snagged the ... Read More »

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