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Spearfishing Wetsuit – What Is Most Important For Spearfishing Wetsuit

The neoprene spearfishing wetsuit differs from ordinary wetsuits in many ways. With classical diving (scubadiving) the basic wetsuit requirements are entirely different. As the diver carries his air supply with him in a cylinder, he has enough air available. It is theferofe essential that the neoprene provides sufficient thermal insulation for the body and prevents surface injuries of the diver’s ... Read More »

“Swimming” Fishing for Dentex (Snappers) from Deep Shores

Here is a nice way of enjoying your sunbath while fishing snappers! The bait is oily fish like sardines or macerel, the line is 0,70mm the leader braid 0,30mm and from hooks i use mostly Hayabusa no 3/0 to 6/0 and code 562 for maximum results! Read More »

Carlos Correa – Colombian 68m National Record in Free Immersion [VIDEO]

Colombian Freediver, Carlos Correa recently set a new National Record in Free Immersion (FIM) by diving to 68m in the 2014 Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition in Roatan, Honduras.  You can see the record breaking dive in the video below. Read More »

Freediving En Cuevas

Read More »

Spearfishing the Colorado River

Memorial day weekend At the river Read More »

Australian Ladies Freediving Record BROKEN!

Australian freediver Christina Saenz has been training hard and her efforts paid off last week as she dived to a new Australian Women’s record depth of 60m! The avid freediver now holds Titles for the Free Immersion and Constant Weight disciplines.     Free immersion is where the diver pulls themselves down a guide rope using only their arms. For ... Read More »

Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic

Even though it’s been a week or so since this competition took place we wanted to share some info with you on this popular Australian Spearfishing event. Despite being limited to only one day of diving, the 2012 Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic proved to be as successful as ever. Battling a massive southerly front that was moving up from the ... Read More »

New Freediving World Record is SET!

There is a new ‘deepest man’ in the freediving discipline of constant weight. Alexey Molchanov set the new official World Record today, successfully diving to 125m (410 feet), on a single breath. Alexey’s dive time was three minutes and fifty two seconds. World Record holder Alexey Molchanov The previous world record of 24m has been held by Austrian Herbert Nitcsh ... Read More »

Freediving Mt. Gambier

Deep, clear, fresh water… a beautiful place to dive provided you have a decent two-piece suit! Open cell inner is warmest, and, if they fit well, most freedive suits are effectively semi-dry rather than wetsuits. Armed with my 5mm and gloves, I figured I’d brave the monofin (no space for booties!) until my feet got cold. The water at the ... Read More »

Apnea training Tables!

Let’s get started! Specialized training for apnea is something that couldn’t absent from the pages of deep ww. And be sure that we will not keep it in theoretical level. Actually we hope to move things a little bit further. So from the current issue and on, you will have training tables that suit as well to a beginner as ... Read More »

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