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Heavy casting with Zavras Ch: Dentex 3 KG

Dentex shore angling with live cuttlefish (sepia) bait. Greece,Nevember 2012……………….. Read More »


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Heavy Casting for Dentex (synagrides)

I dedicate this video to my Grandfather that I lost three days before… I had promised him that I would take him with me for this fishing but unfortunately time had betrayed me… Thanks grandfather for make me the man and fisherman I am today… I will always love and remember you… Read More »

“Swimming” Fishing for Dentex (Snappers) from Deep Shores

Here is a nice way of enjoying your sunbath while fishing snappers! The bait is oily fish like sardines or macerel, the line is 0,70mm the leader braid 0,30mm and from hooks i use mostly Hayabusa no 3/0 to 6/0 and code 562 for maximum results! Read More »

Shore Jigging for Dentex, Striped groupers & false albacores with Zenaq DM 96 M.P.G. & Stella 5000

I hope you will enjoy my new shore jigging video, that took place this summer! The places i fished where around 20-30 meters deep and rocky! The braid was P.E. 3.5, and the leader was fluorocarbon mono 0,42mm. The Rod Is Zenaq DP96 mid power game and the reel Shimano Stella SW 5000. The music is “I want my tears ... Read More »

Extreme Light Shore Jigging: Monster Snapper (Dentex) 8.650gr with Zenaq 93 outrange & saltiga 3500H

Im sure you’r gonna love this video! It contains one falce albacore and 2 snappers which one of them is realy huge for light shore jigging! If you like it… subscribe it 😉 The gear i used: Rod: Zenaq Defi muthos “the outrange 93” Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 2010 3500H Braid: Accubraid 15 lb Leader: Sakana 0.435 Jigs: Duo Press Bait ... Read More »

Shore Jigging for Dentex on tough rocky substrate! (Featuring Stella SW 2013 & Zenaq Muthos 96HH)

Summer and many strong predators getting close to not too deep shores to feed and go back to deeper waters. Best depth fro now is the 15 to 25 meters region with hard and rocky substrate! There we are going to have great loss of jigs but the result always pay us back! Once the strike comes, in order to ... Read More »

Kayak Jigging for Snappers (dentex) With Hobie Mirage Outback

Here is a video i made for fishing lovers using my jigging set and my kayak. It took place late summer and i think is one of the best videos i ever made! So vote if you think the same & subscribe. P.S. NEVER USE KAYAK WITHOUT LIFE JACKET! Kayak: Hobie Mirage Outback Rod: Maria Steady Jigging Reel: Daiwa Saltiga ... Read More »

Fishing for Snappers (Dentex) with small live baitfish

During the summertime there are not many fishing methods you can do under the 40 degrees sun! But there is for sure one! 😉 Enjoy and thank you for watching fellows! Rod: Oceanic Pegasus 420 Reel: Ryobi Carnelian 12000 Read More »

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