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AN OUTSTANDING AND RARE CATCH. Shore angling (rock fishing) by Zavras Chr. Two snappers of 8 and 7 kg weight were caught between thirty minutes with live bait. Read More »

Amazing fishing for Snappers with Heavy Casting

Enjoy with me some moments of Heavy Casting, the exact way i love to experience! Beautifull sea, strong fish and andrenaline pumping action! Read More »

Sea bass fishing in Greece by Markos Vidalis

Another video by Markos Vidalis that shows a traditional way of sea bass fishing in Greece. Markos is an article writer in the most well known fishing magazine in Greece “Psarema”. Enjoy and dont forget to vote. Read More »

Rock & Heavy Casting for Dentex (and not only)

Summer is my worst season for spinning and shore jigging, so i use other ways to spend my fishing hours… 😉 Read More »

Heavy Casting for Dentex (synagrides)

I dedicate this video to my Grandfather that I lost three days before… I had promised him that I would take him with me for this fishing but unfortunately time had betrayed me… Thanks grandfather for make me the man and fisherman I am today… I will always love and remember you… Read More »

Heavy Casting with live & dead bait for great Catches!

Here are some other catches i got in the previous months! Enjoy the different species that striked my baits! I used live and dead baitfish like mackerel, sepia, squid, and octopus. The rods are Pegasus by Oceanic, and the reels are Carnelian 12000 and Fin Nor Offshore 9500 Read More »

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