Solomon Islands!

Solomon Islands!

By Rob Wills and Tim Wilson

The Solomon Islands is a small island chain northeast of Australia, about 4 hours flying time from Brisbane. Tim Wilson and I thought we would drag our gear along for a Solomon Islands spearfishing adventure.The Marovo Lagoon region is located in the Western Province, and seems to cater to the lion’s share of tourists. With our spearing and camping gear packed, transport options were restricted by the luggage weight allowances on the small domestic aircraft (only 16kg per person). We had plenty of warning from friends and relatives about what to expect….

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  1. Might as well butt in with the Malice convo. Finished reading Havoc two days ago and, as much as I loved the ennidg and kinds wanted it to stay that way, I feel that there’re still rather a lot of possibilities for Seth and Justin and Kady to appear once again in the third installment. Also, I was well impressed with the 3D cover of Malice, when it came! I literally bounced off the walls when I touched the books.

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