Extreme 104 kg tuna spearfishing video

Extreme 104 kg tuna spearfishing video

A Fish of a lifetime – a 104 kg Tuna

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Gianni spent a weekend on the Canary Islands ending with a massive catch of a 104 k”g Tuna! Gianni went spearfishing alone and after landing a nice 4 kg Snapper (Denicione) decended down and laid an ambush with his Alemanni Stilo express 115. only 10 seconds after finding the right spot the massive fish came very close on Gianni’s right side, a quick response by Gianni ended with a powerful holding shot just below the pectoral fin with the Alemanni Stilo express 115 speargun,  the massive tuna took Gianni on a 45 minute ride as if nothing happend. Luckily for Gianni a kind gentleman with a nice boat kindly helped him to land the fish after 2 more hours!!! spearfishing-bluefin-tuna104kg002 spearfishing-bluefin-tuna104kg003 spearfishing-bluefin-tuna104kg004 spearfishing-bluefin-tuna-1 spearfishing-bluefin-tuna104kg005 spearfishing-bluefin-tuna104kg006 alemanni-speargun-penetration-shot spearfishing-bluefin-tuna104kg007   Gianni Excited after spearfishing a 104 kg giant bluefin tuna     104kg tuna spearfishing dented sh

Diver/Video: Gianni Ritrovato Thank you Gianni for this Epic spearfishing video great footage and excellent shot, no dount it is a fish of a lifetime! Find Gianni Ritrovato on youtube

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  1. max ramos da silva

    gosto da pratica deste esporte, já mergulhei muito, hoje a idade não me permite mais fazer os mergulhos como os de antes, prefiro sair só para mergulhos rasos de recreação é muito gratificante mesmo.

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