Day trip to Andros

Day trip to Andros

Those photos below, are from a quick trip at the end of July 2011. Summer moved on, but still the memories remain…

Dusky grouper: 3,4kg, 36m
Bream: 0,5kg, 34m
Gunner: George -G- Kellis

Early in the morning in Rafina’s port

The trip to Gaurio, the port of Andros, lasts 2 hours

1 hour away from Gaurio is Chora. Here is the statue of  M. Tompros
dedicated to the missing sailor

The area beneath the statue is a great spot. Over here a contender is
ready to go…

But the spots around Chora are even better

a bream and a dusky are more than enough for our dinner

end of day finds us racing for the boat’s time departure

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  1. We need more ingtshis like this in this thread.

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