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Zenaq: Im an angler!

A short inspiring clip with some of my catches i had with shore jigging and those incredible rods! Read More »

One Fish Going East

Going East is the epic story of Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari, an East spearfishing enthusiast who lives and breathes underwater hunting. It has the chance to travel the world, from one end to another, in search of the fish of his dreams. Travel and hunting scenes take place in the deep blue territory of Blue Marlin, the famous dry Donae and ... Read More »

Scuba Diving Pets [VIDEO]

Not all furry friends like to scuba dive, but Muttley and Hawkeye love exploring the water with their owner! Check out this video of scuba diving pets from Animal Planet. Read More »

Goat hunting with speargun! [video]

Read More »

New IUSA record!

Around mid-summer, our crew member Chris Simatis managed to capture a big leerfish. After some prompt by editor in chief, he submitted an application claiming the world record for the specie. Soon his request was accepted and a new world record added in the long catalogue of iusa. Here is a small story of that day by Chris: After a ... Read More »

Hotties in California: Riffe Team Trip!

Text: Cameron Kirconnell Same old story. Big fish, hot ladies and good times. I really do enjoy my vacation! We had the Riffe Team in California this past week with Jay Riffe presiding over the daily design and hunting Forum. The opportunity to have some of the best divers in the world together to dive and use all the gear ... Read More »

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