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But First, Let Me Take a [Scuba] Selfie

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Florida Angler Catches, Releases 1,000-pound Hammerhead

Palm Beach County angler Peter Buban made the astounding catch of a 13-foot, nine-inch hammerhead shark earlier this month, and in the middle of a tournament no less. According to WTFV, Buban caught the 1,000-pound fish while competing in the 2014 Blacktip Challenge fishing tournament. Not surprisingly, Buban ended the day with the largest fish caught in the tournament’s six-year history, ... Read More »


Spearfishing is a man’s sport… Hell no! Girls all over the world are taking their spearguns and hunting fish… They dive as deep as men and hold their breath as long as men! Spearas are here, they are gorgeous and deadly so look out… Read more at deepwordWide #5!   Read More »

Deep awesome wallpapers!!

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Spearfishing Ft. Lauderdale

Just a warm up before the Blue Wild with a typical spearfishing session at Ft. Lauderdale wrecks. From the left: Harolf Dean, Sheri Daye and Dimitris Kollias..   Read More »

It’s time to go fishing! (Photos)

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Greek islands: the place to be!

Breathtaking views, unlimited chill out, crystal clear waters, great fun, on a “big blue” and white backdrop. The Greek islands. Santorini, Ios, and many more are there, in the heart of Aegean Archipelago waiting to seduce the senses of the underwater traveler. Terrific drop offs and abundance of fish will satisfy the more demanding diver. And trophy catches, elusive but ... Read More »

Day trip to Andros

Those photos below, are from a quick trip at the end of July 2011. Summer moved on, but still the memories remain… Dusky grouper: 3,4kg, 36m Bream: 0,5kg, 34m Gunner: George -G- Kellis Early in the morning in Rafina’s port The trip to Gaurio, the port of Andros, lasts 2 hours 1 hour away from Gaurio is Chora. Here is ... Read More »


It started as a passionate spearo’s dream for a global spearfishing magazine with DVD in every issue. It turned into the coolest spearfishing/freediving team, a life style and a network that inspires, informs, entertains and educates freedivers/spearfishers from all around planet earth. Be one of us: the adventure has just begun! Read More »

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