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ENORMOUS Tiger Shark Caught Off Australian Coast

These incredible images of a huge shark caught off the coast of Australia have been flying around social media in recent days. Initially, there were no details as to where, why or when the animal was caught – with conflicting sources stating it was captured at Lennox Head’s Seven Mile Beach a few days ago, and others claiming it was ... Read More »

Carlos Correa – Colombian 68m National Record in Free Immersion [VIDEO]

Colombian Freediver, Carlos Correa recently set a new National Record in Free Immersion (FIM) by diving to 68m in the 2014 Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition in Roatan, Honduras.  You can see the record breaking dive in the video below. Read More »

Self-Sustaining Urban Ecosystem Discovered In Abandoned Building In Thailand

Thailand’s capital is a vibrant city full of surprises, and this abandoned shopping mall in old town Bangkok is certainly no exception. Tucked away behind an unassuming looking gate is New World shopping mall which burned down back in 1999. Because it doesn’t have a roof anymore, the basement is flooded all year round. At some stage, a person started ... Read More »

Australian Ladies Freediving Record BROKEN!

Australian freediver Christina Saenz has been training hard and her efforts paid off last week as she dived to a new Australian Women’s record depth of 60m! The avid freediver now holds Titles for the Free Immersion and Constant Weight disciplines.     Free immersion is where the diver pulls themselves down a guide rope using only their arms. For ... Read More »

New Freediving World Record is SET!

There is a new ‘deepest man’ in the freediving discipline of constant weight. Alexey Molchanov set the new official World Record today, successfully diving to 125m (410 feet), on a single breath. Alexey’s dive time was three minutes and fifty two seconds. World Record holder Alexey Molchanov The previous world record of 24m has been held by Austrian Herbert Nitcsh ... Read More »

Eleven-foot Mako Shark Denied World Record

On April 15, Florida angler Joey Polk brought in an 11-foot, 805-pound mako shark with the help of his cousins Earnie Polk and Kenny Peterson. At the time, the veteran anglers were sure that they had just harvested the largest shortfin mako caught from land. This certainty stemmed from the fact that Joey and Earnie Polk each held the world record at ... Read More »

Canada Cup Spearfishing Competition Results – Report by Josh Green

It has been a busy few weeks for Adreno’s Junior Sponsored Diver, Josh Green. He has had competitions for three weekends in a row and we’re happy for him with great results across the board, including coming 7th out of over 45 divers, despite being only 15 years old! Dived the Canada Cup a few weeks ago at Terrigal, Central ... Read More »

Florida Angler Catches, Releases 1,000-pound Hammerhead

Palm Beach County angler Peter Buban made the astounding catch of a 13-foot, nine-inch hammerhead shark earlier this month, and in the middle of a tournament no less. According to WTFV, Buban caught the 1,000-pound fish while competing in the 2014 Blacktip Challenge fishing tournament. Not surprisingly, Buban ended the day with the largest fish caught in the tournament’s six-year history, ... Read More »

Adreno’s Newest Sponsored Junior Diver – Josh Green

15-year-old Josh Green has been showing real potential lately, placing well in numerous competitions on the South Coast, not only among the juniors but also the seniors. Coming from a family of three brothers and a spearfishing Dad, we’re excited to be supporting Josh with some new dive gear as he continues to grow in the sport. Keep an eye ... Read More »

New Zealand Angler’s 907-pound Bluefin Tuna Challenges World Record

On June 19, Donna Pascoe of New Zealand found herself fighting a massive Pacific bluefin tuna for over four hours. After she managed to land the beast, crew members began congratulating her—they told her she just took the new world record. According to the Houhora Big Game & Sport Fishing Club, Pascoe’s fish weighed in at just over 907 pounds. ... Read More »

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