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Insane California Lobster Diving!!!

Limits of huge lobster and hand grabbing a fat cabezon and other fish!!! Read More »


by Wayne Judge There are many aspects of breath-hold diving where safe practices can be introduced that would improve overall safety, but if there was one single factor, which handled correctly could prevent all SWB drownings then that is the obvious place to start. There is such a factor. We have had a maxim that has been passed down for ... Read More »

Ask an Expert: Is Spearfishing OK on Scuba?

For some divers, spearfishing is a great past-time. It’s a way to spend time in the water, enjoy the environment and take home a pretty tasty meal. It is also better than less-discriminate methods of fishing like long lines or nets. These arguments aren’t unlike those made by terrestrial hunters, who hunt populations of animals such as white-tail deer in ... Read More »

But First, Let Me Take a [Scuba] Selfie

                  Read More »

Diver Saves Sea Turtle

Divers off the coast of Mexico save a sea turtle that became tangled in rope. Special thanks to Colin Sutton & Cameron Dietrich who freed the turtle and shared their footage with us. Read More »

Gigantic School of Rays [VIDEO]

Watch mobula rays feeding and flying off Baja, California, in what National Geographic says could be the largest school ever filmed. To see more NatGeo videos, visit the National Geographic YouTube channel. Read More »

Lessons For Life: Out of Breath

Allison’s heavy breathing thundered in her ears as she struggled to fill the 100-pound lift bag for the fourth time. Overinflated with her precious air, the bag slipped from her grasp and rocketed toward the surface. Finally peering through the swirling silt at her forgotten gauges, she recognized the gravity of her situation: 126 feet down, 10 minutes of mandatory ... Read More »

Fish Tornado [VIDEO]

A swarm of jack fish dwarfs an underwater photographer in a phenomenal courtship display. Video is by Octavio Aburto, who works to protect the fisheries in Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico. Read More »

Dive into Cayman Islands with Legends and Lions

Courtesy Of: Adela Gonzales White, Cayman Bottom Times Long recognized as the birthplace of recreational diving and renowned for its exceptional and diverse diving, the Cayman Islands’ dive industry is inviting all divers to join them in a weeklong celebration of the sport called Legends and Lions scheduled October 4 – 11, 2014. The inaugural dive festival will showcase Cayman’s ... Read More »

Apnea training Tables!

Let’s get started! Specialized training for apnea is something that couldn’t absent from the pages of deep ww. And be sure that we will not keep it in theoretical level. Actually we hope to move things a little bit further. So from the current issue and on, you will have training tables that suit as well to a beginner as ... Read More »

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