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match-inglesse fishing for LARGE sea bass (5.120kgr) in Greece

here you can see some large sea bass that where caught using live fishbait. The rod i used was shimano nexave, the reel tica sd 2500, main line texelium powerline 0,20 and leader 0,16 mm grand max. hope you will enjoy it and vote! Read More »

Saddle bream match (inglese) fishing

In this short video you can watch Markos Vidalis and some of his friends, fishing with inglese technique saddle breams. The bait was bigattini, the rod i used was shimano nexave match, the reel was tica sd 2559, main line 0,16 monifilament, and the leader 0,20mm fluorocarbon, (to avoid breaking due to the teeth). Enjoy and dont forget to vote… Read More »

Match (inglese) fishing for sea bream

Here you can see sea bream fishing with the inglese technique. For this fishing i used shimano nexave rod, tica sd 2500 reel, 0,18mm main line and 0,14 leader. the bait was bigattini on No10 hook. enjoy… Read More »

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