Let’s Catch Some Giant Groupers – ft. Chew On This

Ben Chancey from the “Chew On This” saltwater fishing show invited us to come out on his boat to catch some giant goliath groupers. We managed to land 7 goliaths in a few hours. We caught 3 using a rod and reel and 4 using a handline. Both myself and Ben caught our first goliaths using a handline.


Bait Used — Bonito
Hooks — 18/0 Lindgren Pitman Circle hook
Leader — 6ft of #19 single strand wire.
Reel — Okuma Makaira 80w
Line — 200lb Jerry Brown braid backing with 200lb mono topshot
Rod — Custom Barrett Shark Rod

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  1. Action requires knlwgedoe, and now I can act!

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